Lawn &
Turf Care

Outdoor Solutions Landscaping offers full maintenance contracts for fertilization and lawn service. We also offer customized programs based on our clients’ needs.  

Turf & Shrub Care:

February/March: Lime

April: Fertilization with pre-emergent

April-May: Broadleaf weed

June: Fertilization with post-emergent 

July-August: Fertilization with insect control

July-August: Fertilization with disease control

September-October: Broadleaf weed control

November: Fall fertilization

December: Winter Fertilization (root builder)

Additional Applications:

Insect control

Disease control

Lime (ph balancer)

Starter Fertilizer 

Lawn Renovation:

Core Aeration (*criss-cross pattern): This service should be done annually, preferably in the fall. Core aeration pulls plugs which loosens the soil to allow for better absorption of water and nutrients. It also allows the root system to spread out in the loosened soil. 

Thatching: This removes any dead debris such as leaves, pine needles and grass from the surface side of the soil.


Tree & Shrub Management:

IPM Management

Dormant Oil (spring)

Broad Spectrum Insect Control

Disease Control


Deep-Root Feeding (early spring)